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Laminated Glass Cutting Line LCKM, CMS Turkey



Laminated glass cutting line is a semi-automatic machine for cutting laminated glass sheets. The glass sheet is loaded through loading table which has tilting feature. After the glass sheet is loaded, the operator moves the glass sheet to the cutting bridge manually by aid of air cushion system. Positioning and aligning the sheet to the cutting table is performed by entering the dimension of the glass. After the dimension is given, the machine will automatically position the glass for cutting. Afterwards, by the command of the operator the machine starts cutting process. Stop rollers are built in the table top of the downstream air cushion or breaking table. Two jointly driven cutting heads place the cut on the upper and lower surfaces of a laminated glass sheet simultaneously. Following cutting the heating resistances come up and heat the PVB material. After enough time of heating, the upper and lower cutting lines are broken open with a separate breaking roller system respectively.



Technical data LCKM3800 LCKM4600 LCKM6000  
Minimum glass size  350mm350mm 350mm 
Maximum glass size 3800mm 4600mm 6000mm 
Minimum glass thickness 3+PVB+3  3+PVB+3 3+PVB+3
Maximum glass thickness 8+PVB+8 8+PVB+8  8+PVB+8
Maximum cutting speed  20m/min 20m/min 20m/min









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Laminated Glass Cutting Line LCKM, CMS Turkey

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Laminated Glass Cutting Line LCKM, CMS Turkey
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