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Butyl Extruder EK-2000

Butyl extruder can process frames from 6 to 19mm width. The feeding nozzles can be positioned to deliver uniform sealing. Pneumatic operation of the butyl process is controlled by a PLC that electronically regulates the temperature of the butyl heaters. A timer enables the pre-heating of Butyl ahead of the start of operation. The height adjustment is available according to the frame size. And the nozzle width shall be controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic parallel method. Conveyor speed can be adjusted with 5 conveyor speed. Possible to control the length of butyl application and monitoring current production quantity on the touch screen.


- Automatically control the nozzle width

- Accurate butyl volume control

- Changeable working speed and working height

- Efficient butyl volume 14kg

- Operator friendly design

- Precise transfer spacer using patented conveyor method


- Possible to control a precise temperature and 1/100sec interval of sensor perception.

- Easy controllable of all tools with touch screen and PLC program

- Possible to recode monitoring current production quantity and easy operation

- Self-diagnosis and alarm Function- Function of curved spacer and Body Up/Down(option)


Optional- Body Up/Down



Technical Data


Machine size 830mm(H)×500mm(W)×3,000mm(L)
Spacer width 6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm,19mm
Minimal size 250 mmx 250 mm
Maximal size 2.500 x 2.500 mm
Butyl speed 5m-30m/min.
Butyl volume 14L(2 block)
Power source AC380V 3ph 50Hz
Total power 3.75kw
Air pressure 6kgf/cm2

Control systems


Inverter Schneider
Touch screen Weinview

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