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Plate Press Type Line TE-3LP-2500

 Insulated Glass Production Line TENON TE-3LP-2500 (Plate Press Type)

We offer to sale and service I.G.-machines by Tenon (Beijing) Equipment CO., Ltd
TENON is the first and most successful brand in the China I.G. field. Having ten years of experience in I.G. machinery, TENON has become a modern enterprise with a 26000 square meter plant and 5000 square meter R&D facility. There are more than two hundred staff members working in the plant of manufacturing machinery and processing glass. The products that we created start from Butyl Extruder to the complicated Automatic I.G. Production Line involved all aspects of the I.G. processing field. Up today, we have over 350 customers using our products from America, Australia, Europe, Asia.
The goal of TENON is make an enterprise that satisfies the customers, respected by competitors and works with proud employees. We believe that more and more users all over the world will enjoy and benefit from TENON's products and service. 


Plate Press Type Line TE-3LP-2500


Model TE-2500
Machine Size 3500(H)x3470(W)x25075mm 
Glass Size (Max) 2450x3150mm 
Glass Size (Min) 200x380mm 
Glass Thickness 3-12mm 
I/G Thickness 10-60mm 
Conveyor Height 450(+/-25mm) from ground 
Working Direction R to L (Lay-Out) 
Power Source AC380V 3ph 50Hz 
Total Power 36,45kw 
Air Pressure 6kgf/cm2 
Operation Touch Screen 
Noise Less than 70dB 


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