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Top convection glass tempering furnace ЕС1630, CMS Turkey


Top convection glass tempering furnaces, instead of traditional single radiating heating technology, it adopts hot air circulation convection heating technology for tempering the glass. The upper and lower surface of the glass has the uniform temperature, thus avoiding the case of the uneven temperature and glass deformation caused by heat reflection. The furnace is ideal type of furnace for processing low emissivity greater than 0,03 value coated glass.

The main sections of this equipment include loading and unloading table, heating furnace, flat quenching, electrical control system (including hardware and software), operating table, blower, electrical cabinet, consumable spare parts, technical files and operation manual.

- Tempering float glass, coating glass (hard coating and partial soft coating with heat-resistant for 700°C),
- Quality meets the requirements of GB9963-1998 standard,
- Tolerance of arc deformation:≤1.0/1000mm,
- Tolerance of wave form deformation ≤0.8/1000mm,
- Stress pattern is invisible per sheet through naked eye (condition for checking: distance for inspection is 1000mm, with natural light, and angle between the glass surface should be more than 15°.)


Technical data TC1630 
Max. glass size 1600x1500mm (4mm glass thickness) 
Max. glass size 1600x3000mm (5-19мм glass thickness) 
Minimum glass size 


Glass thickness  4-19mm
Power consumption ≤3.8kWh/m2 (for glass thickness 5mm) 
Rate of qualified products >98% 
Power of heating furnace 614kW 
Power of blower 250kW 
Other power 20kW 
Low-E glass ≥0,02 


Loading Station
The segment includes modular steel frame, transmission system, optical switches, universal ball lifts and so on. Universal ball lifts table with a pneumatic device and manual control movements, is more suitable for loading of larger glass sheet.
Heating Section
Heating section includes lifting mechanism of furnace roof, heating system, rapid cooling systems, heat balance system, ceramic roller transmission system, and detection system of length and temperature. Upper and lower lift type of steel furnace, the upper furnace can freely lift through the roof lifting mechanism for easy cleaning furnace. The body of furnace uses the latest insulation materials and cotton insulation connecting section by special treatment, thereby increasing the furnace insulation performance. With rapid cooling device to be cooled in the furnace can speed up the cooling speed. Heating method for a new type of lattice structure, the upper and lower district heating, the upper and lower heating zone furnace is divided into several areas according to the size of the heating zone, each area is equipped with a thermocouple to form an independent control loops. The heating element is an alloy of high quality material with longer life. To ensure the uniformity of the temperature within the furnace, heat faster, more uniform heating of glass, greatly improved surface quality and flatness of glass. Transmission furnace with ceramic rollers made of high quality brands, surface finish and long life. Ceramic rollers with circular belt drive, using variable frequency control to ensure the synchronization of motion and stability.
Cooling section of flat steel
Flat tempering cooling section includes steel frame, transmission, wind grid, wind grid opening and closing mechanism, upper wind grid lifting mechanism, flex pipe and etc. Wind grid is divided into two parts and connected with the air distribution centers. Wind grid opening and closing mechanism proximity switches can be adjusted up and down the wind distance of upper and downwind grid by electric. Individual adjust the height of upper wind grid by its lifting system, the production process is more convenient to adjust the glass flatness.
Unloading Station
The segment is same with the loading station, the ends of station with a photoelectric switch, the glass rollers stopped when glass sheet to the position of photoelectric switch, artificial unloading glass sheet, perform the unloading of large size of glass from side through universal ball lifting table.
Blower System
Blower systems including blower, inverters, throttle control mechanism, air distribution centres, up and down wind grid with adjustable air volume. The whole frame of blower is easy for installation. The air distribution centres ensure the conformity of up and down air pressure. The air volume of blower and air pressure can be adjusted with inverter according to the thickness of the glass of the specific conditions of different production is adjusted so that to achieve the best quality of tempered glass.
Control System
The control system includes a temperature control system, the transmission control system, the wind path control system and the alarm system of emergency breakdown. IPC (industrial personal computer) can be precisely controlled via the temperature of the furnace, showing the working status of the unit and by industrial computer program can be adjusted according to the technical requirements of process parameters. PLC program can control the logic operation unit paragraphs. In addition, we use a remote temperature module, so that the temperature generated by the detector analog signals and then the scene is converted into a digital signal for computer acquisition use, thus greatly improving the temperature acquisition system stability, reducing the maximum on-site heating element of the temperature control system disturbance. While the temperature control system to maintain the temperature balance, there are two ways of working for the operator selects one is manually controlled heating balancing system start-stop, one is the computer automatically according to the scene temperature feedback balancing system for heating start and stop.




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