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Three chamber bending oven

Production Technical Parameters:
1.Max.Processing glass size : 3000mm×2000mm
2.The three chamber bending furnace is composed of two cooling rooms and one heating room, with two rack hoists on the heating room to move movable heating wire up and down about 25cm.
3.Heating room: On the control panel, there are five temperature controllers, three of them used for controling tempeature of three heating sections inside the heating room, with each controller connected to one thermocouple, and each button controls two heating wires. Other two temperature controllers are used for monitoring temperature inside the cooling rooms respectively, with each controller connected to one thermocouple. No preheating device in the cooling rooms.
4.Two wagons mounted with wheels can move freely on the rail track.It can move back & forth, and its speed can be ajusted by frequency converter. Windows in the both sides of the front and back of the box. A side board with observation window can be opened downward and installed the track which is linked with the track of inner box. Stainless steel plate placed on top of insulation layer layer, and glass mould is put on it.
5.The thickness of heat insulator is 100mm for the wagons. The heat insulator adopts LYGX-264 ceramic fiber board in thickness of 25mm for the surface, and aluminium silicate felt for the inside lining.
6. The internal height for the trolley box is 750mm (from heaters to inner bottom).
7.The outer dimension is 11500mm×3000mm×2100mm , and total installed power is about


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